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A Guide for Creative Expression Activities - Print

Working with Seniors with Early to Moderate Dementia

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 Guide for Creative Expression Activities - Print

This is the print version of the Guidebook.

  • Program Objectives
  • Additional Views
  • Content
  • Specifications
  • Reviews

The Program Objectives

  1. To provide an opportunity for expressing and sharing personal life experiences
  2. To increase social interaction and decrease isolation
  3. To encourage creative self-expression
  4. To increase well-being, a sense of fulfillment, achievement and enjoyment, and to decrease agitation

Building Blocks

  • Why creativity and creative expression are important
  • Creative expression – Birth of a program
  • Setting the stage
  • Getting to know the seniors

The Program

  • Session Model
  • Guidelines
  • How do you know if the session is successful?

Activities in Action

  • Art activities: The birds
  • Discussions: Good versus bad
  • Writing poems: Friendship
  • Music & Dancing

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“A must-see for those new to the field of activities for seniors or those wanting to improve their technique with a new approach. Following Dalia's recommendations and modelling her engaging style you will develop a caring, creative and fun activity.”

Debbie Cossover, Activity Co-ordinator, L’Chaim Adult Day Centre

“Fabulous! Superb Visuals!! Extremely engaging !!!
This e-Book shows how a variety of creative arts can be used to make contact and encourage self expression with a person with dementia symptoms; painting, music, dance, verbal/non-verbal interaction. I felt like I was there. The simple to use videos drew me in as a visual learner, and it felt like such an honour to actually witness this precious work Dalia has done. I liked the videos being part of the e-Book. The video segments brought the words to life and validated their meaning.”

Kim Brame, Director, Music on the Move, President, Music Therapy Association of BC