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... Our Mission is to help Caregivers, Family and Friends by sharing current information about creative activities, news & events and product information that may help to support anyone dealing with dementia.

Dementia Activities
Product Review:
Learn how to develop your own Creative Expression Activities Program by Dr Dalia Gottlieb-Tanaka. The program Dalia developed touches on various topics such as growing up, friendship, the waltz, pets, beauty, love and seasons of the year.... "Topics can be drawn from various sources, such as the seniors themselves, literature on aging, life review and reminiscing, and various events in the care facility. I make a special effort to select topics that are relevant to the seniors in the group. By linking life experiences and the interests of the seniors, we increase their ability to stay engaged in the program activities."  Read the Review...
Latest Product Offering:
Creative Expressive Abilities Assessment Tool (Version 3.0): 
The Creative-Expressive Abilities Assessment (CEAA) Tool is designed for obtaining in-depth information about the expressive abilities of seniors with dementia. The Tool focuses on a wide range of abilities that have shown improvements when seniors participated in creative activity programs.

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Also, read article on the use of the CEAA Tool:

Wolf Project: Evaluation of the Creative Arts in Aging at Cedar Village by Elizabeth “Like” Lokon, PhD; Jennifer Kinney, PhD; Philip Sauer, MGS; and Suzanne Kunkel, PhD (July, 2012)  


Creativity, Dementia and The Threraputic Environment

Product Description
This book aims to explore the physical environment and the level of success of creative expression programs for seniors with mild cognitive impairment to moderate dementia. It focuses on the circumstances that enhance or limit the seniors\' ability to express themselves creatively. Understanding the physical, cognitive and social abilities of this population helps define the strategies for designing the shape and form of the physical environment.
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